Website Design with WordPress

Custom Designed by You – Custom Built by Us

Your Home Page

Everything starts with your Home page. It’s by far the most important page on your website because it’s your first impression to 95% of your visitors.

The goal is to capture visitors’ attention so they scroll down your home page and click to view other pages and visit your online store.

We created 3 home page designs specifically for artists and photographers.

  • Scroller
  • Me & My Gallery
  • My Gallery

NOTE: Home page selection is about the web page layout only. Do not be concerned about the content on the pages. All web pages are customized to meet the style and look you desire.

Build with Blocks

When building a website using WordPress the design feature is done with blocks.

Blocks are used on every page of your website and can be moved to a number of locations and adjusted in several ways including different colored backgrounds.

NOTE: When selecting blocks use your first impression. Do not be concerned about format of images or written content. All blocks will be customized to match the web page structure you like best.

Style with Themes

A theme controls the overall look and feel of your website. This is where you add a little pizzazz to your web pages.

  • Navigation location
  • Body structure
  • Color scheme
  • Call-to-action button style
  • Fonts
  • More...

Customizing your theme is done is 2 steps:

  1. Select the navigation and body structure.
  2. Add color scheme and style of your call-to-action buttons

We offer 6 different themes for your selection.

NOTE: When selecting a theme, click on each option to open all 6 themes in separate browser windows. Then, step through and click on each tab to easily step through each page to compare them.

Design with Confidence

Designing your website is accomplished in 3 steps:

  1. Select your home page design
  2. Select blocks to structure all pages
  3. Select a theme to meet your style

To make your selections easier, we created a system where you select your design, structure and style by stepping through a series of web pages and filling out a simple multiple-choice form to make your selection.

To begin your website design, click on the link below. You will be redirected to a web page to select your Home page design.

Upon selection of your Home page design, you will be redirected to the first block selection page.


  • 30 to 45 minutes is the maximum time you should spend making all selections.
  • When making selections use your first impression. These are NOT your final selections.
  • Do NOT spend a lot of time wondering whether your specific selections will coordinate with each other. Our design team will build you a temporary website for you to review and request specific changes.
  • Upon approval of temporary website, your temporary website will be migrated to your live website.